Emailbidding is just like Adwords/Adsense(*) for Email Marketing!

We are an email marketing advertising platform that automatically optimizes your campaigns. Emailbidding connects Advertisers and Publishers
 (data base owners), automating the sending process, optimizing and targeting an email marketing campaign to multiple databases.

In a couple of minutes, the Advertiser is able to setup his email marketing campaign, define the target audience, estimate performance and indicate the bid he is willing to pay to compete for the Publishers’ subscribers. Thus, without having to build a database, Advertisers can easily reach the available audience from our Publisher network (opt-in databases, with email advertising permission) and compete with other campaigns of the same kind.

Advertisers become immediately aware about which subscribers are interested in their campaigns, applying their investment towards their target.

Moreover, subscribers also benefit from this solution, only receiving campaigns that match their interests and segment. For this reason, return rates grow as campaigns reach subscribers that are more likely to convert.

Publishers also benefit from this solution. They have access to a large amount of campaigns, automatically selected to be sent from their own lists, based on individual and behavioral information from each subscriber.

Additionally, our fully automated platform, eliminates all the hard manual work associated with email marketing from the Advertiser, saving hours of work and preventing the usual mistakes.

“Through its powerful and smart algorithm, Emailbidding sets the level between campaigns and subscribers, sending the best available campaigns, individually, to each subscriber.”

* Adwords and Adsense are Google Inc. brands. There is no commercial relationship, whatsoever, between these brands and Emailbidding.